DJ Valery

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dj valery Valery, a distinguished Argentinian dj , related with electronic music since 1994. Her styles as dj are: Psychedelic Trance, Psy Progressive, Acid trance, Tech House,Chillout, Ambient & Meditation.

Her beginins are signed by the presence of Terrestres Anònimos, an agrupation of some of the main psytrance old school djs, who presented Valery as a Dj, in the Ultimate Rave Festivals of Parque Sarmiento, 1997-98-99., organiced by the Techno Djs Urban Groove of Buenos Aires. Envolved in countless events of the Under scene of Argentina , in Chile working along with the Dream vibes and Trance Tour, Djs and organicers, also in international festivals like Earthdance. She also created an electronic version of Herman Vinson..s “Cielos Azules” for the Spundtrack of the argentinian film “un Buda”, directed by Diego Rafecas , that appears also in the Cd; with the musical direction in charge of the wellknown artist Pedro Aznar In 2003, the track of her authorship “Trance Tango” was edited in the compiling of the record label: MUSICAS ALTERNATIVAS from EMI, together with the distinguished musician such as Fernando Samalea, a CD that was promoted all along Portugal and Northern Europe In 2005 she created Ayün, together with Graciela Mendoza, a proyect where they combine her electronic bases with the ethnics instruments and vocals of Graciela In 2007, Valery released a record titled “Toda la Tierra”, an independent production of Chillou Grooves and down tempo In 2009, Buddha Mantra Rcs released the record “Luz del Sur”, compilated by M4nos, with a selection three of her tracks, “Domo del Agua”; “Cropcircle” and “Ciudades de Luz”, along with other big argentinian producers of the Psytrance scene Now a days, she is presenting her latest proyect live set Nimue, presenting her new album “Hijas de Odin” as a musician and producer. Videoclips: Música: Nimue "Luna Dub" Música: Nimue "Flujo Solar" Música: Nimue "Galactic Gayatri"