VA - The Nightmare Machine

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VA-The Nightmare_Machine

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Blazing Noize - Ghost Machine (150 BPM)
Konnector - Double Trouble (System Sequence Remix) (147 BPM)
Painn - Edge of space (Infektion Remix) (148 BPM)
Dj Triex - Shinsengumi (Erofex Remix) (155 BPM)
1.16 - Iluminaty Machine (148 BPM)
D-Process vs Belenyer - Mechanical Structures (148 BPM)
Roby - Don´t fuck with the DJ´s (145 BPM)
Natural Disorder - Perverse Dreams (148 BPM)
MediTactive - Killing Instincts (150 BPM)
X.D.3 - Nightmare (146 BPM)

Dementia Society Records it's a Mexican Hi-Tech and Dubstep music label operated by different Mexican well known artists. 'The Nightmare Machine' is a Twilight compilation by Belenyer with ten tracks that ready to take the dancefloor.