Dark Fox - For Psychonauts - DJ Set

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For Psychonauts

Dark Fox DJ Set: For Psychonauts. First dj promo set: "trips" where lot of djs will show the a very under side of psytrance. First trip by Dark Fox "For Psychonauts" is mental trip by audio and enjoyed by the brain.

Tracklist: o1.- Twisting The Night Away - Hutti Heita
o2.- Rainbow Riff - Whrikk
o3.- More To It Ver.2 - Purosurpo
o4.- Altered States - Polyphonia
o5.- Spirit of the Mind - Kindzadza
o6.- Drift Within - Alien Mental
o7.- Melting Pot 2 - Karash vs Frantic Noise
o8.- Melancholic Design - Glosolalia
o9.- Mechanical Masterpiece - Sonik Scizzor
1o.- Rapid Life System - Kindzadza -----------------------------------------------

A psychonaut (a modern portmanteau of the Greek ψυχή (soul) and ναύτης (sailor), that is, a sailor of the mind/soul) is a person who experiences intentionally induced altered states of consciousness in an attempt to investigate their mind, and possibly address spiritual questions through direct experience. Psychonauts tend to be pluralistic, willing to explore mystical traditions from established world religions, psychedelic drugs (entheogens), meditation, lucid dreaming, technologies such as brainwave entrainment and sensory deprivation. Because techniques that alter consciousness can be dangerous, and can induce a state of extreme susceptibility, psychonauts generally prefer to undertake these explorations either alone, or in the company of people they trust. Therefore, they are averse to using altered consciousness in a "party" context. Psychonauts generally regard the latter sort of use as irresponsible and dangerous.

Goals of psychonautic practices may be to answer questions about how the mind works, improve one's psychological state, answer existential or spiritual questions, or improve cognitive performance in everyday life.

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