Cipro Status – Del Bosque

Cipro Status - Del Bosque - Kutral Records 2010

Cipro Status - Del Bosque - Kutral Records 2010

Cipro Status presents his second full length album called “Del Bosque”. 9 tracks featuring the psychedelic trance genre. In this material we dive into the depths of the earth are born moments dark crossing national roots to pierce the space of sounds. The argentinian Kutral Records is a label created to promote the psytrance scene in South America.

“Thank you all for letting me inside, music is the energy that helps to continue with our lives happy”  -Cipro-

Track List:

01. Turbalastiasca 150 bpm.- 7.01
02. La Samba (Cuchi Leguizamon) 147 bpm.- 4.13
03. Índigo 150 bpm.- 7.10
04. Tío Cucu 150 bpm.- 6.23
05. Espacio 150 155 150 bpm.- 7.26
06. Caída desde un Árbol 148 bpm.- 7.26
07. Triplicado 147 bpm.- 8.11
08. Loopergame 145 bpm.- 7.37
09. Ciproconexion 147 bpm.- 7.49

If you are in Buenos Aires Argentina Podes you get the Original cd Galertia in the “Bond Street” 1670  Ave Santa Fe Local 71 Floor 1st  “I Do not” and if you are far, far faaaar … no problem, arrange to send it Kutral you =)

Download: MP3WAV

Links: (comming soon)

Find Kutral Records @ FACEBOOK.
Cover art: Lucid Dreams project .-

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