VA - Disfunctional

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VA-Disfunctional-Front Cover


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Massive compilation by Neurotic Cell, Disfunctional is the new release of Bioluminescence Records, a Mexican label specializing in Full On Night / Hi-Tech trance music for the night-time hours. Mastered by Elektrik Boy with artwork by Mucora.


101. Elektrik Boy - Propaganda Sheet
102. Full Frequency - I Kille Them
103. Altered Behavior - Weekly Mansion (Remix)
104. D-ream - Making War - (X-Side Remix)
105. Klacid - Puma Pumko
106. Konnektor - Cloned Mutations
107. Zakim - Endless Road
108. Mucora vs. Roby - Eyes In Your Hands
109. Organikka - Dreams - (2012 Remix)
201. TDR - Dantes
202. D-ream vs. X-Side - Time Of The Darkness
203. Acid Trooper - Return
204. HyperActive - I'm Not A Human Being
205. 1.16 - Unscrewed Zombies
206. Azax Syndrome - Cutting Edge Science - (Roby Remix)
207. Natural Disorder vs. X-Code - Revelation
208. Akkbal Can - Sick Nightmare
209. Anxiety - NN
210. Skynet - Electronic Content
211. DemoSys - Disfunctional
212. Cactus - Fifa 99
213. Neo Genetic - Dirty Bitch - (Skynet Remix)
214. Shuumat - Buddha Eyes

Painn - Universos Paralelos

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painn-universos paralelos

Painn is Sergio PiƱa Alberto Padilla from Juarez, Mexico. Music with a combination of powerful basslines, twisted and raw leads, and sequences full of energy, that will give you a weird experience full of power. Painn presents his debut EP giving a small demonstration of what he can do. This is another Bioluminecence Records release.

Tracklist: 01. Infektion vs. Painn - Terrordrome
02. Painn - Shinra Tensei
03. Painn - Universos Paralelos Download: MP3 Licence:

VA - My Hidden Consciousness

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Let free the only thing that can really be free in this life.. our consciousness goes beyond physical appearance to the terms we use in our lives as physical, that awareness that gives us light or dark in our everyday life, discover your hidden consciousness through the trance, rhythm and energy that gives you this great selection of ringtones that allow you to see in your reality that hidden consciousness that even you can not or do not want to see ...

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