Psychedelic Trance genders

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Certainly the premises and the context in which the birth of the Psychedelic Trance occurred, can be explained not only by the musical characteristics of the style, but also by other philosophical aspects, such as the behavior of the mind and the body. Also, there were politic aspects which closely accompanied all the development of the scene by all these years.

The History of the Psychedelic Trance

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Past and present

If we try to understand the evolution of Psy-Trance it is necessary to make a time travel into the sixties, to a place in India called Goa. Searching for harmony with nature hippies in those times, tired of their life in post industrial society,often visited this place. These people celebrated psychedelic parties influenced by several music genres, going from Acid Rock to reggae. In this article we try to explain the evolution of what we now know as Psy-Trance.

Hippies en Woodstock 69

Webs of Maya

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Webs of Maya ....