The Future of DJing

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Not too long ago, CD DJs were sneered at by their vinyl playing colleagues: "A real DJ" those said "Plays from vinyl!. CDs are something for people who can not mix properly." In the course of time the rapid technological development brought more and more sophisticated players for digital sound carriers on the one hand and more and more music productions on the other. And now the analogue traditionalist realized a certain disadvantage towards their digital colleagues: Up-to-dateness. A CDJ was able to present brand new tracks, wich had been mastered just few hours before they were played at the party. And there were more and more tracks that never even made it on vinyl but just came out on CD. Today there are so many different possibilities for digital DJs that they just blast the clasical term of DJing.

Erofex - Liquid M - Remix

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Psytrance Video clip with pics from bolivia parties. Music: Erofex - Liquid M - Remix from VA - Mind Over Reality.



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{jb_film}VJ NIRVANA {/jb_film}

Lucas Margutti es Nirvana y llegara a Bolivia el 19 de agosto.

Nirvana Presencio el nacimiento de la música eletronica en 1994, cuando comenzo a documentar el fenomeno de las raves y el ascenso de los DJ’s y un factor que siempre llamo su atenciondurante las presentaciones de DJs eran las imagenes.