VA - Anima Mundi

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VA - Anima Mundi - People of the Butterflies People of The Butterflies Records from Finland presents a nice compilation within different psytrance styles. At the begining there was just one soul and from that multiplied all. In the dancefloor we are all one united soul, at there we are one. These artists from all around the world show its true strenght, music will speak for all, listen and let it blend in you. Tracklist:

01. RAZ - 4 the music
02. Soladria - System Surfer
03. Sienis : West Meets East
04. Killer buds : Our Reality
05. Paratox : Ape Escape
06. Efflorum : Hora No Shinrin
07. Captain Kirk : Bee Sting
08. Kashyyyk : Yuca
09. Fractal : Traumturnberg
10. Nebula meltdown : Fractal Ethics
11.Intriga : Running With Schisosrs

Mastering : Syncmasters studio
Cover art by: Ville Assinen
Complied : Polly & Miazu
Release Date: Feb 14th, 2011 Download Links: MP3 | WAV
Licence: Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage:

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