Trebolactiko - Deep Channeling

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Deep Channeling

Deep Channeling marks the solo debut of Trebolactiko, an Argentinian project inspired by the likes of Kuba, Ott, and Entheogenic. Released by Hispanodelicius Records, this mini-album is a meditative journey into deep tribal trance with a distinctly South American flavour. Guided by gentle beats with a median BPM of 110, this warm and friendly release will hypnotize and delight. Be prepared to open your mind to unexplored horizons of dubby psychedelic chill!

Erofex - Dont Walk Remixes

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erofex-dont walk remixes

Neurotrance Records is back with a blasting full-on release containing several remixes of Dont Walk, a song by Erofex (Efrain Candia) that originally appeared on the Hispanodelia compilation in 2007. Erofex, a key player in the South American underground, reworks his own creation alongside a team of producers from Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, and Portugal. Compiled and Mastered by Erofex. Artwork by Heidacraft.


1. Dont Walk EROFEX MIX (9:54)
2. Dont Walk OXYA MIX (8:53)
3. Dont Walk UNDERTAKER MIX (7:30)
4. Dont Walk DARK FOX MIX (7:41)
5. Dont Walk LATTUS MIX (7:54)
6. Dont Walk ORGANIKKA MIX (6:38)



Licence: Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

© Neurotrance Records 2008

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Erofex - Neuroforce

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{jb_film}Erofex - Neuroforce videoclip from V/A - Messengers - Neurotrance Records 2008{/jb_film}

The History and Purpose of the Trance Dance

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The History and Purpose of the Trance Dance


Trance dancing and indeed the Trance Dance has been around for many thousands of years. It is practiced by Shamans who use it as a healing tool and its roots are found within a variety of ancient cultures.

The History of Darkpsy

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The History Of Darkpsy


In order to talk about the history of darkpsy we must first go back and look at the history of psytrance and back past there to the history of Goa trance, from which they were born. In order to do this though we must also look at the history of the original Goa hippie movement.

The hard pounding beats and deeply psychedelic soundscapes and samples of darkpsy have evolved throughout trance's history, so let me take you on that journey.