Erofex - Liquid M - Remix

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Psytrance Video clip with pics from bolivia parties. Music: Erofex - Liquid M - Remix from VA - Mind Over Reality.


VA - Mind Over Reality

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VA - Mind Over Reality

Warp Brain Records presents the label's first exclusive digital compilation, this compilation contains 7 tracks made by the most talented procucers of modern Psytrance. "Mind Over Reality" will boost your adrenaline to peak.All the tracks represent the enthusiasm for releasing fresh tracks from the studio to the listener.Great choice for any DJ who wants to play quality in sound and production.For the fan, a great choice of tracks representing the scene of 2009.

VA - The Future of Light

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The Future Of Light is the first downtempo and chill out compilation from Neurotrance Records, Compiled by Erofex, this release features relaxing and meditative music with light tribal beats, much of it with a distinct South American flavour. Conceived as a “journey of light,” the story wanders along a path where everything is possible and limits are left behind.


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{jb_film}VJ NIRVANA {/jb_film}

Lucas Margutti es Nirvana y llegara a Bolivia el 19 de agosto.

Nirvana Presencio el nacimiento de la música eletronica en 1994, cuando comenzo a documentar el fenomeno de las raves y el ascenso de los DJ’s y un factor que siempre llamo su atenciondurante las presentaciones de DJs eran las imagenes.

Extazya - Mental Cage

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Mental Cage is a collection of audibles from the birth of the idea to its alterations through translation by the vessel that is known as Yoni Dayan AKA Extazya. Each piece smoothly flows into the next as if constructed from a broadened perspective. Bubbles popping, and theres a tv its been left on. Where is that sound coming from? Its very casual and up for interpretation, but some of the creatures that peak out from behind the curtain are unimagined till they emerge. Wow what happened? Its as if the threads of a sea cucumber have been covered in a shimmering platinum that is shattering into crystal the moment it solidifies.