Psychederic - Hypnotica

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Psychederic is Derrick Scott van Heerden pioneer dj and music producer from South Africa founder of projects Transemission and Nagual. Presenting Hypnotica a trip to a mystic psy forest ritual where atmospheres and effects will drive you between dimensions of the spirit worlds, where thousands of hidden creatures watch every move you make... it's up to your aura they'll see to be friendly... But, if you listen close, maybe they tell you the secret path to the garden where the first shamans founded the plants who connected them with the Gods of the Universe. Released by Space Alchemy Lab, Mastered by Oberon and cover by Uforica.

Agent Kritsek - Distant Galaxies

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Agent Kritsek-Distant Galaxies

New work of Agent Kritsek comes in newborn free netlabel Space Alchemy Lab, based in Greece. Always experimenting with new styles and forms, Distant Galaxies focus on sounds for outdoor nights on the nature, as spring had enter. Mastered by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

VA - Biomechanic Knowledge

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00-VA-Biomechanic Knowledge-2012

Biomechanix Records presents a compilation by Djane Brahma. After a great success of the EP "The Mentalist" from Acid Trooper, Andreia Gomes, better know as Djane Brahma, brings an amazing selection of eleven tracks where she brought together all the good sounds of full on night, creating this killer compilation called "Biomechanic Knowledge". A major contribution to the mexican label and a good opportunity to this young Portuguese girl introduce us her favorite style in the middle of this immensity that is psychedelic trance!

Zeazea - Chaos

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Zeazea - Chaos | Neurotrance Records

Download Links: MP3 | WAV

01 - Full Power (146 BPM)
02 - Destructive Forces (146 BPM)
03 - Chaos (146 BPM)

Here comes Chaos from Zeazea. This three track EP, with its aggressive high tempo melodies and rumbling basslines, will move your mind and body during the twilight hours. Enjoy!

Neurotrance Records 2012
"Free the music because the music sets you free" 

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